Our Team

Isla Seward
Founder, CEO

Isla possesses a Master's degree in Cultural Studies and has taught many generations the importance of heritage and culture.

He founded MLMSurvivor with the goal of bringing forward some of the most divisive topics: society, religion, and spirituality. Isla believes these topics should be discussed and not be frowned upon, so societies may have a broader understanding of why they exist and what we could do to foster peace despite these differences.

Jadyn Elwes
Co-Founder, COO

Jadyn shares Isla's ideals and leads our team of writers and editors in curating the finest content regarding society, religion, and spirituality.

Sylvanus Norris

Sylvanus is our go-to person for our proofreading needs and has valuable inputs to every story we share in MLMSurvivor.

Karena Bissette
Social Media Expert

Karena leads our online team and makes sure we get the latest topics related to our niche, and ensures we relate to the needs of our readers.